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Why VirtuPRO?

Through formal education (Masters in Business Administration) and decades of business management experience, I have accumulated considerable skill and knowledge regarding small business operations. I have managed successful retail and service businesses as well as directed various non-profit and religious organizations.

Value to You the Client

My value to you comes from my experience. It is likely that I have experienced almost every situation that you may face in your business. Imagine how valuable it would be when you avoid a major expense or experience a significant increase in cash flow based on a few hours of my consulting services.

I am also skilled in the use of computers, networking, and software applications that are important tools used by successful businesses. I can show you how to use these tools to increase productivity, reduce your costs, and improve your relationship with your customers and vendors.

FREE Initial Consultation

I offer to provide FREE consultation for the purpose of conducting an assessment of your business. The assessment will identify the parts of your business that are working well and the parts of your business that need help. I will then provide a written proposal describing how my services will help you accomplish your business goals.

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